This is who we are

UNCO CLUB is a platform for the conscious procurement of food.

We create a direct link between the producer and the consumer and bring fresh, top-quality food to your table every day

We collect our products directly from the producer on the day of delivery - it doesn't get any fresher than that!

We are also very fresh ourselves - online since January 2020 and with three pick-up points in Berlin since March 2020

We work without intermediaries or storage and know each of our farmers, fishermen and wholesalers personally.

We want to bring the personal and human touch back into our city life.


We are old-fashioned in the most modern way - and we stand by it!



Why should we let huge corporations and marketing tricks determine what ends up on our plates today?

Why must the variety, quality and freshness of our food suffer, while more and more farmers, fishermen and small retailers struggle to survive or even close down?

Why do we often buy far more than we actually need?

Why has the "fresh" fish in supermarkets almost always already been frozen once?

Why are tonnes of fruit and vegetables flown in when we could get the same fresh produce locally?

Why do we generate a whole mountain of packaging waste every time we go shopping?


Why - when there is another way?


Our goal: conscious shopping

With UNCO, we want to offer an alternative to stressful, impersonal and environmentally harmful supermarket shopping. We are building a community that wants to have and do things differently. We want to give as many people as possible access to high-quality food, which - wherever possible - comes from our own region.

This strengthens the regional
economy and supports many small businesses that often no longer have access to wholesalers or established organic markets; it makes a significant contribution to environmental protection through short transport routes, savings on packaging material and fewer individual trips to supermarkets.

animals and plants will not have to live and grow under indescribable, inappropriate conditions. And we as a community and consumers receive food that is of a higher quality and fresher than we could ever get in a supermarket, thereby promoting our quality of life and health.